How to Think Like a CEO Even Though You’re Not One and Develop Your Business Acumen

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Read in 8 minutes We usually know the blueprint to increase our technical or functional proficiency in something, but how do you do that with something as intangible as mindsets or thinking? The more you study people at the top, the more they talk about the 10x impact one mindset shift can make. Or they’ll talk about things like the importance of thinking …

Why Your Career Needs a ‘Permanent Beta’ Mindset to Stay Relevant

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Read in 2 minutes After years of messing around with email accounts on Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo, and other services, it was a breath of fresh air when Google launched its Gmail service. The only catch was, you had to get invited in to join. It was still in beta test mode. I would monitor posts on forums with people offering …

Why Watching MasterChef Junior Made Me Want to Stop Learning, and How to Fix It

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Read in 3 minutesHave you seen MasterChef Junior? It’s the show where a bunch of 9 year olds are in a cooking competition. And they’re really good. The judges, like Gordon Ramsay, are constantly saying how some of the dishes these kids are making are fine dining restaurant quality. They know how to make dishes you’ve never heard of. They have …

Deep Dive Study Guide: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Summary, Notes, and Tons of Additional Resources)

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Read in 29 minutes The ‘Deep Dive’ series is something I’m hoping becomes a regular staple on this site. There are lots of good books out there, but here I want to highlight the GREAT ones. That means books that I find myself referring back to over and over again – and have had a transformative impact on me personally. …

RPM Framework to Combat the Fear of Public Speaking

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Read in one minuteWe are please to offer our first free PDF booklet: RPM Framework to Combat the Fear of Public Speaking.  Public speaking is something that naturally makes us nervous. Jerry Seinfeld summarized it best- Speaking well is a core competency that everyone needs to progress. It might be a keynote at a large conference, a sales presentation with a …

What’s Coming On This Site

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Read in less then a minuteOn this website you can expect solid and unique content: Leadership material Deep-dives on great business books Public speaking and presentation articles You can also contact us for: Mastermind Groups for your leadership teams Arranging a conference or seminar One on one coaching for a speech or presentation