3 Things I Learned from Body of Work by Pamela Slim

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Body of Work is a playbook that helps people to find the common thread between multiple careers, side projects, volunteering, our education, and everything else we have our hands in even if it seems disconnected.

1. Build Your Body of Work

Focus on building a body of work instead of a career.
Everything you create, contribute, affect, and impact is a small piece that contributes to your personal legacy. Your legacy is all the tangible and intangible things you create.
Consistent impact over the course of one’s life on a body of work is a legacy.
Define what drives you and what changes you want to make. Who do you care about serving? What problems do you want to solve?

2. Sow Seeds

We know the analogy of planting seeds to see results later. The book says to 20x your effort in what you think you need to do.
For example, instead of testing 3 new product ideas, test 60. Instead of pitching 2 clients, reach out to 40.
To have that legacy means hustling a lot more.

3. Success Dysmorphia

Viewing success through someone else’s results and feeling inadequate.
No matter what you do, someone else will always be doing it better – like those kids on Masterchef Junior.
Reframe your definition of success. Take weight loss. One way to look at it is to say, I walk 30 minutes a day, but what’s the point as that’s not going to get me the physique I want.  Instead, I can say I started exercising 3 months ago and found a way to stay consistent even with a full time job, kids, and other demands on my time. As this becomes routine and I free up more time, I can dedicate more time to working on it.
Take pride in your accomplishments and notice how they become a source of pride in your body of work.
One person she quotes in the book mentions success as finding a balance between appreciating and being grateful for what i do have in the moment while still trying to improve my situation. To continue striving to improve could be success in and of itself.

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