3 Things I Learned From Training Camp by Jon Gordon


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1. Mindset

To succeed, you have to have a mindset of wanting more. The default is to be average or chug along. Separating yourself from others requires initiative. John Maxwell says,
Age and wisdom don’t always come together, sometimes age comes alone.
The best have a high capacity for work, do the things others won’t do, and spend more time doing them.
The key mindset is one of lifelong learning. You are either getting better or worse, but never staying the same
One trap to watch out for in mindsets is success. Bill Walsh, coach of the 49ers, feared success. He worried it would make players complacent and stop them from striving to get better.
It is also important to note that past success does not determine future success. Future success is the result of how you work and prepare and practice and strive to improve every day

2. Mental Toughness

Finish strong. Focus on what is in your control and let go of the rest.
Strong people seize the moment and don’t allow fear of failure to define them.

3. There is a Very Small Difference Between Good and Great

One of most vivid analogies in the book – The difference between a .250 hitter and a .350 hitter is hall of fame vs being average. Derek Jeter for example, had a career batting avg of .310.
Over 162 games a year, 4 or 5 at bats per game, the difference comes down to between 1-2 hits a WEEK. The best are simply a little bit better at a lot of things than everyone else. It might be 1% better, 10% better, but it’s rarely that they’re 90% better. They aren’t doing extraordinary things, they’re just doing the ordinary things better than others.
Deliberately practice, focus, and improve. Over the course of a year you get good, and over a number of years you get amazing. Most people don’t have the patience to keep up with this.
This is why sports often boil down to cliches like we ran well, we defended well, we moved the ball well – it’s all fundamentals. It’s about consistent execution of those a little bit better than the other team.
Develop a process for yourself to improve consistently every day and commit to it.

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