“The New Default” – Team Effectiveness and Communication Training

Every winning team needs to master the intangibles like “team chemistry” in order to succeed.

To do this, we go through the motions of trying to get productivity training, team-building exercises, personality assessments and so on. Things improve for a couple of weeks or, if lucky, a couple of months. But then things go back to the way they were.

That means teams, despite having talented individuals, can’t work well together. Or are overtaken by backoffice politics. Top talent leaves for for other career opportunities. Projects become more about managing personalities and behaviors than the actual work. Efficiency and execution become difficult.

Ultimately, this leads to wasted time, resources, and money.

The issue lies not in finding better training and development programs, but in working to eliminate the barriers to good teamwork and top performance. It’s about much more than establishing a healthy culture – it is about developing a systematic way of working so that teamwork and execution become the new default.

We accomplish this by walking management teams through our TEXAS framework: Trust, Engagement, Factor (Decision Making), Accountability, Success. 

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