RPM Framework to Combat the Fear of Public Speaking

We are please to offer our first free PDF booklet: RPM Framework to Combat the Fear of Public Speaking. 

Public speaking is something that naturally makes us nervous. Jerry Seinfeld summarized it best-

Speaking well is a core competency that everyone needs to progress. It might be a keynote at a large conference, a sales presentation with a lot on the line, or just simply communicating your needs to your boss.

To be successful, you need to learn how to really communicate with others. -John Maxwell

It is such a critical skill, yet it paralyzes us with fear. The problem with a lot of advice on how to deal with this nervousness is that it tries to give people a magic bullet. Just take deep breaths. Do jumping jacks. Imagine the audience naked. Is this really what it takes to deal with such a gripping fear?

That’s what motivated me to put this booklet together. An important part of dealing with this kind of nervousness is to acknowledge that it will be there, and then take tangible and practical steps to mitigate it. That is what this framework is for. To get your copy, simply enter your email address below and you’ll receive your copy.

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